Monday, 9 December 2013

We're getting too old!!!

To continue our fab week!! We decided in a moment of madness to stay up and watch the 2nd Ashes test. As I go back to work in March this is something we would not be able to do again!!! The evenings started at 11.30pm with strong coffee!!  We did occasionally doze off about 3 in the morning! Often I would sit and complete a craft project. Art journalling in the middle of the night is great fun.

We had further caffeine during the teams lunch and tea breaks! We usually crashed for a couple of hours before Tim came home from school.

Although we did not win it has given us some great memories and confirmed we are mad!! Will we do it again during this series?? Probably, but not when they play in Perth as the match does not start until 2am!!!

Go England Go!!!!

Bev xx

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