Saturday, 15 November 2014

Four weeks on

I have just finished my 4th week on the Isles of Scilly, how did that happen? I am writing this in Bristol as sadly we had to come home for a few days. Although under sad circumstances it was fab seeing Tim. We only gave him 5 minutes warning of our arrival at the house. Other than the kitchen floor the house was looking pretty good!!

Ian and I are having a fab time on Scilly, its giving us time to think and be. We've done lots of daft things, fish and chips in the rain, well the van only opens  once a week. Its was gorgeous and freshly cooked in front of us. Most days, unless it is really rough weather, we have lunch on the beach front. The locals just look and smile!!!

A selfie on the beach!!

We are both enjoying going to the local Methodist church. I am going to be running an art workshop before Christmas, We've joined U3A and have both been roped into the local pantomime!! There is even the possibility of a job for Ian, watch this space.

The scenery on the island is breath taking.

We start the journey to Penzance tomorrow morning and then get the flight on Monday morning, an 8 seater plane!!

I will miss Tim but am looking forward to going back to the beauty and peacefulness of Scilly.

Lots of love

Bev and Ian x

Sunday, 26 October 2014

One Week on

I cannot believe that this time last week we were on en-route to Penzance. It's been a whirlwind week at home here on the Isles of Scilly and at work. Ian is doing a good job as a house-husband and is already known in the supermarket and hardware store!! 

Our house for three months:

From my office window I can see the beach and the boats coming in and out of the harbour. We live about 5 minutes from the office. I am loving walking to all appointments. Ian worked out I had walked about 8 miles last week.  

On Friday night, we had coffee on the beach and were lucky enough to see seals just off shore. The sunsets are gorgeous and Ian is in his element with his camera. This morning, after church, we cooked breakfast and then took it to the beach to eat. How lucky are we?

Off to work on my first day:

There has been a mass exodus of residents from the island as the school has broken up for two weeks.  Tomorrow, the ferry will bring over 300 people over from Penzance for the final weeks of the tourist season here.  It's strange seeing shops, cafes etc winding down for the winter.

Friday night after work, drinking coffee watching the seals:

Breakfast on the beach:

Tim is enjoying being at home and it was good to talk with him yesterday.

Have a lovely week.
Lots of love,

Bev x

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Valentines Day 25 years on

I am still in shock that it is 25 years since I sent Ian a Valentines Day card. Due to the post he did not receive it until 15.02.1989. It took a further 8 weeks to get the message that I thought he was gorgeous!!!!

I wanted to make some a bit special and something different.

I took a  7 x 5 card blank and inked and embossed hearts around the edges as I did not want any white to show. I sprayed water onto brown paper and scrunched it. The background of the tag is made by using Sir Tim's distress stains and his fab new heart stencil. It is lush. The hearts were also heat embossed to give them a bit of a shine. Once the paper was dry I faffed around with distress inks and 'stuff'.  I painted a black mdf heart and embossed with black utee. The ribbon was coloured with distress ink. The 25 was a bingo number coloured with ink.

The card was put together using my famous heat gun.

Ian thought the card was 'pretty darn good'!!!!

Lots of love Bev xx

and another...

canvas creation. I used heart stencil, textured paste, rub ons and a utee flower.  This time I had no accidents with the melt pot which is more than can be said for when I used the glue gun. The moral of the tale is - never sneeze when holding a glue gun as it makes your nose very, very sore and you get no sympathy!!!!

Lots of love Bev xx

Monday, 10 February 2014

More creations

What happened to January, it seems a bit of a blur.  I am  enjoying faffing in my craft room and today I managed to use my melt pot and glue gun without incident!! Although at the weekend I did try and change the carpet with red paint!! A small amount goes a very long way!!! My gorgeous man helped me clean up the mess and I promised not to moan about him for a month!!! Its hard!!!!

I have done a couple of canvas's for raffle prizes. The first one is a technique I learnt on a workshop, tissue paper, paint and then gold paint. I used my melt pot for the hears and the rest is courtesy of kellogs, other cereals are available!!! The second one is paint, textured paste and rub ons.

I guess I am like most crafters as I am not certain whether they are any good!! What are we like.

The second canvas will not load on this post. Any ideas as to why??

Lots of love

Bev xx