Monday, 10 February 2014

More creations

What happened to January, it seems a bit of a blur.  I am  enjoying faffing in my craft room and today I managed to use my melt pot and glue gun without incident!! Although at the weekend I did try and change the carpet with red paint!! A small amount goes a very long way!!! My gorgeous man helped me clean up the mess and I promised not to moan about him for a month!!! Its hard!!!!

I have done a couple of canvas's for raffle prizes. The first one is a technique I learnt on a workshop, tissue paper, paint and then gold paint. I used my melt pot for the hears and the rest is courtesy of kellogs, other cereals are available!!! The second one is paint, textured paste and rub ons.

I guess I am like most crafters as I am not certain whether they are any good!! What are we like.

The second canvas will not load on this post. Any ideas as to why??

Lots of love

Bev xx

1 comment:

  1. Such a lovely canvas Bev. Looks like you have been earning lots of great tips at the workshops.

    With regards the pic not loading - this happens to me a lot and I find using google chrome better