Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Here we go again!!!

Here's hoping that I will remember my new password so I can update my blog!! Still cannot believe it's six month since my last post. My gorgeous old man has spent time sorting out my blog. The joys of retirement. He has even linked it to my facebook page. Fingers crossed it has worked.

Watch this space for more news xxx

Monday, 2 January 2012

Another year and another forgotten password

My resolution is to keep my blog upto date and to remember my password!! Just about recovered from new years eve. I am to old for mixing vodka and champagne!!

I have spent today making the first page of my 366 day art journal. Lots of paint ink and glue, fab. Now have to cut out 31 squares so I can use one a day. I have also started a scrapbook for a special person who is leaving work in the middle of Feb (its not Ian, he leaves at the end of feb). Memo to self do not leave until the last minute!!!

I will post pictures of what I have been doing once I have worked out how to do it!!

Ian is doing really well. He is due is next test on Friday so a couple of stress free weeks ahead.

I will be back, I promise. Lots of love xx