Saturday, 15 November 2014

Four weeks on

I have just finished my 4th week on the Isles of Scilly, how did that happen? I am writing this in Bristol as sadly we had to come home for a few days. Although under sad circumstances it was fab seeing Tim. We only gave him 5 minutes warning of our arrival at the house. Other than the kitchen floor the house was looking pretty good!!

Ian and I are having a fab time on Scilly, its giving us time to think and be. We've done lots of daft things, fish and chips in the rain, well the van only opens  once a week. Its was gorgeous and freshly cooked in front of us. Most days, unless it is really rough weather, we have lunch on the beach front. The locals just look and smile!!!

A selfie on the beach!!

We are both enjoying going to the local Methodist church. I am going to be running an art workshop before Christmas, We've joined U3A and have both been roped into the local pantomime!! There is even the possibility of a job for Ian, watch this space.

The scenery on the island is breath taking.

We start the journey to Penzance tomorrow morning and then get the flight on Monday morning, an 8 seater plane!!

I will miss Tim but am looking forward to going back to the beauty and peacefulness of Scilly.

Lots of love

Bev and Ian x