Thursday, 19 December 2013

The Ashes Continued

Having watched the 1st and 2nd test through the night we vowed not to do it again as we couldn't keep up the pace!! Famous last words! For the first 3 days we tended to wake about 6 and watch until the end. On day four we decided to set the alarm for 4am thinking it would be all over by the end of play. How wrong we were. In a moment of madness, due mainly to the effect of red wine, we got up at 2.30am! We went back to bed for half an hour during the lunch break!! It was great fun and at one point we did think England might just win.

It was a crazy, daft thing to do and it has taken us a couple of days to recover!! Dear Tim uttered the immortal words:


Will we do it again for the 4th and 5th test - probably!!

Bev x

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